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In this age of technological and digital revolution, information in electronic form is playing a vital role by making data transmission and consumption more convenient and efficient. The increased usage of electronic data across the globe has led to large number of electronic documents getting created, communicated, captured, stored, searched and analyzed. However, with increased dependency on electronic data, challenges of data identification and authenticity are now multi fold. There is a need for secure and trusted mechanism, to validate that the data or the transaction existed at a given point in time.
Time-stamping has evolved to become the most authentic way to assure existence of electronic documents, agreements, certificates, e-mails, e-commerce transactions or any other vital information in electronic form.

As per the timestamp guidelines issued by CCA India, (n)Code Solutions has launched (n)Code Time Stamping Authority services on 1st August 2013, providing authentic and reliable time stamp to any digital document or information. (n)Code Solutions is a Licensed Certifying Authority.


  • The files anteriority with regard to a given date
  • The document integrity ensuring that the file has not been modified, even by a single bit, since that time stamped date

Features and Benefits

  • Cost effective solution to reinforce Data Integrity and non-repudiation
  • Simple integration of (n)Code Time Stamping supporting most commonly used platforms
  • Trusted time-stamps, compliant with RFC 3161
  • Procedural audit trail of time stamped records
  • Compliance to guidelines issued by CCA, IT Act of India
(n)Code Time Stamping services can be used for any e-commerce transactions, e-mails, archived documents, electronic procurement systems, banking systems, critical transactions in defense and government sector, approvals, certificates, judgments, patents, copyrights, archival of data and many more.

Besides, it lets you timestamp any type of file, regardless of its format (text, audio, video files) and extension (.jpg, .png, .avi, .mp3, etc.).

  1. Notary solution during e-filing of electronic documents
  2. Notarization is a trusted process in performing certain legal formalities. (n)Code Time Stamping provides a digital notary approach for electronic data while e-filing for commercial and legal purpose.
  3. Reliability of documents
  4. (n)Code Time Stamping ensures non-repudiation and reliability in obligation of work or service between two parties. It is a trusted service in signing of legal contracts and agreements; transfers and purchase of shares etc. It is also reliable during online biding for tenders and services.
  5. Compliance to regulatory requirements
  6. Various government agencies require electronic data from organizations, individuals and agencies. Such transactions are to be time-stamped in order to comply with legal and mandatory regulations. (n)Code Time Stamping is the most recognized and trusted service to provide authentic and unique time stamp token to electronic data and documents.
  7. Synchronization of Operational Logs
  8. Proper time synchronization and authentication are important functions while working on operational logs of information systems and networks. (n)Code Time Stamping provides reliable time synchronization and authentication for data logs used in daily IT operations.

How it Works

(n)Code Time Stamping gives you strong legal evidence that the contents of your work existed at a point in time and have not changed since then. The procedures maintain complete privacy of your documents.

The result is simple, secure, independent and portable proof of electronic record integrity.

Pictorial View
  • # Hash is a one-way cryptographic function, which ensures that data or file cannot be reconstructed
  • * TST can be validated at any time in future through an authenticating mechanism

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